The series ‘Rêves Carnivores‘ (Carnivorous Dreams) is an ongoing project consisting of staged portraits and city-scapes. These are carefully combined into nightmare-like visions of psychological space and solitude. Thus outlining a world marked by excessiveness, hedonism, and social exclusion of modern day plague victims.


In cooperation with local trusts for landscape management and the keeping of historical churches as well as the manor of Verhildersum, Noorderlicht commissioned 'Hidden Sites'. For this commission Terri Weifenbach (US), Andreas Gefeller (DL), Machiel Botman (NL) and Marco Wiegers (NL) concentrated on the last, barely noticeable traces of manors, churches and other historical buildings in the north of the Netherlands.

Defixiones are lead slabs that were placed on graves to bind one’s enemies, and date back as early as the fifth century BC. The series link the Sites to anonimous human bodies to visualise a possible history of human traces. A past that resounds to this day and age although no longer visible.